End of Study – Preliminary Statements

While this AP has not been perfect through the weekend, it has shown the ability to learn and improve on dual hormone therapy.  I am INCREDIBLY encouraged and EXCITED beyond belief at the thought of being able to wear the 1st generation commercially available AP as soon as possible.

Average BG, Saturday – 142

Average BG, Sunday – 126

And I didn’t do a thing.  Now that’s just cool.

There will be naysayers, and I’m ok with that.  Different insulin pumps are liked or disliked for different reasons.  CGM’s are utilized by different folks.  What I am saying here is that you combine these devices and make T1D management easier?  I am in.

The hurdles faced during the weekend are being addressed with the next generation AP.  The research director is already planning for the generation after that and working towards the successful delivery of a dependable product.

I am encouraged by this team because they have a personal drive.  Ed Damiano’s son is T1D and Ed wants this device before his son goes to college in 5 years.  He knows the hurdles, but is not frustrated by them, and the culture of the study staff follows suit.  I am impressed and look forward to working with them again.

I want to thank the study staff, especially Kathy, Kathy, Kendra (all pictured L-R), Rick, Helen Ann,and of course the lead guys Ed Damiano and Firas El-Khatib.

Thank you.

Now stayed tuned for some more information once I get it from the staff later this week.

5 thoughts on “End of Study – Preliminary Statements

  1. WOW … that was AMAZING!!!

    We were at the Hershey JDRF Walk to CURE Diabetes today and while helping with registration, I shared your story and link with so many people! The timing was perfect and you have given countless families so much more HOPE and for that, we are all grateful beyond words!

    We anxiously await the additional information that you will receive from the staff.

    THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!! … GREAT job!!!!!!

  2. Mike,
    As a fellow board member of JDRF South Jersey Chapter and mother of 2 adult children with T1D I say THANK YOU for sharing your journey with this study.
    Sue Walsingham

    • Sue – I was happy to do it, and honestly, it was as much for me as it is for every other family living with T1D. I look forward to helping get this device to market.

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