Day 2 – Important Trial Facts

It’s good to know that an approximate $5 million study doesn’t get you a sponge bath from the nurse.  It gets you a pile of wash clothes and a “Call me when your done” from my nurse, Rick.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 – Important Trial Facts

  1. I am sure Rick would have been more than happy to oblige if you had asked!

    Great to see the study from a patient’s / “participants” perspective. Thanks so much for helping us out!


    Jamie– one of the dietitians at the CRC 🙂

    • Jamie:

      I hope the team had as much fun as I did this weekend, the staff at MGH was wonderful! Rick, Kathy and Kathy tolerated me quite well!

      And I have to say, the dietary staff and the food were wonderful! I look forward to hanging out again.

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