First 1/2 Ironman – Princeton

Been a while, but here it is.

The Princeton 1/2 Ironman DID NOT derail me from my plan of completing a full Ironman in 2015.  In spite of: long transitions, unknown blood glucose levels during the swim (fine heading in, just didn’t have my continuous glucose meter with me because its not water proof), terrible road conditions on the bike and an uncooperative stomach during the run…. I still met my goal.

My goal was for my kids to see me finish one of the toughest events in sport.  Of course, not quite like the full, but they don’t understand that yet.

Planning for the worst (potential diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes for either one of my children), I could tell them, or show them that I can accomplish my goals.



Getting body marked.


Heading into the swim.


In transition.  Note, this IS proper technique.  You should stand when testing your blood glucose levels, singing along with the music playing in transition and putting on your socks.  Even if you’re wife is yelling at you to hurry up.


Heading out on the run.  SMILING!!!  It wasn’t so bad…..


And this was what it was all about.  My son and daughter ran in with me a little at the end of the race.  This was worth every bit of training.