How Much Do I Hate Taper Week?

Yeah – I know.  Sounds ridiculous, right?

Everyone LOVES taper week.  Rest, carb up and sleep in while waiting for race day.

I hate it.  HATE it.  I hate rest, and I hate the change.  For a guy who grew up focusing on keeping my blood glucose levels the same by doing the same things every day, eating the same foods everyday…..I’ve grown to hate the change.  In training, I’ve spent the last few months getting my body more efficient, using less insulin and constantly working and recovering.

So, to back off?  And relax?  Now, I have to balance less work and more insulin…’s an adjustment that comes less frequent, but it is so very important leading up to the event I’ve been training so long for.  And to have this change right before the event, and get out of sync with blood glucose management?  But it’s necessary to give the body rest to provide for the best possible outcome during the event.

……I feel like I’m doing a better job, though.

photo (12)

(I know, not perfect, but nothing severe either.)

But it has to be good, because performance doesn’t start with the last blood glucose test before the race……it starts in training, with every workout, with every recovery, so that the muscles can get the energy they need to perform and recover.  Without insulin, the right amount, at the right time, it just doesn’t come together.

Along with the constant focus on swimming, riding and running faster, I also must focus on better blood glucose control at these important times.  The good news is that with this time on my hands during taper week, I can focus on it…..

About 35 hours to go……Challenge Triathlon.  It’s a challenge alright, but I’ve been planning for it and it’s going to be a great day!

Stay tuned for pictures and info through the day on Sunday!