Training Log – Week 5 – What is Mikes Miles?

Weeks #5, by the numbers:

10.4 miles run on the road.  4 miles on the treadmill.  And 4 hours on the trainer.

I had no two/day workout days.  2 rest days.

Average Blood Glucose: 116

Significant pattern of low blood glucose between 6:20am and 8:05am.

No significant pattern of high blood glucose.

Comments about training for the past two weeks:

This past week was broken up a bit with some work travel and some significant cold weather.  I used it as a week to focus on the trainer and improve my cadence during interval work.

Mikes Miles – The Method Behind the Madness

The focus of Mikes Miles is multi-faceted, but let me give you the two main points:

Those families who live with T1D need help in two ways.  They need support for their family.  The need that support in care, knowledge and access to information.

They also need to an organization that is focused on improving the current standard of care and to find a CURE.

Mikes Miles is meant to support these two initiatives.  The Mikes Miles 5k at Cedarvale Winery is an annual 5k and 1 mile fun run (April 12th, 2014 at 10am)  that is organized to raise money for JDRF and to allow the local community to know there is a local resource for those with T1D.

With 80 people being diagnosed daily (40 kids and 40 adults), every community needs a reminder that there is someone local who can help them navigate the choppy waters.  Its a confusing disease to get used to managing, so a little help can go a long way.

The first person my parents talked to when I was diagnosed was a nurse, who was also a mother of 3, and lived with T1D.  She made all the difference in setting my family off down the right path.  Thank you , Jean.  I will always be grateful for your kind a loving words during such a tragic time.

Why JDRF?   Because it is the #1 funder of T1D research in the world.  The organization’s goal is to improve the lives of those with T1D by funding research in the areas of treatment, prevention and cure therapies.  Since I was diagnosed in 1982, research funded by JDRF has changed the way T1D is managed and drastically improved the lives of those living with T1D.  This organization has drastically improved my life.  With the threat of my children being diagnosed, I am proud to support them, and feel confident in knowing they are working to change my life, and ultimately cure T1D.  And it certainly helps that they were ranked in the top 5 in the US by Forbes Magazine last year for most efficient non-profits.  Greater than 82% of the money raised goes towards the mission.

Thanks again to everyone that has supported Mikes Miles (and JDRF) in the past, and I look forward to seeing everyone out at Cedarvale Winery again on April 12th!

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