Training Log – Week #1

So, here’s what we have so far, by the numbers:

25.4 miles run on the road.  7.1 miles on the treadmill.  And 3 hours on the trainer.

4 days of two per day workouts.  1 day of 1 workout.  2 rest days.

Average Blood Glucose: 118

Pattern of low blood glucose: Between 3:50am and 10:45am.

No significant pattern of high blood glucose.



So, first things first.  I have GOT to make a change to my basal rates so that I don’t go low at 4am.  Waking up to the CGM has me tired and I drastically need to get better rest.  My only complaint about the workouts is that I am tired.  But I won’t be as tired if I am not getting up to treat lows.  Also, my body will be getting the rest it needs, and I’ll be better prepared for the next workout.

Second, I must adjust my basal rate for the evening between 6pm and 9pm.  5 of the 7 days, my trend has me dropping between those hours, and 2 of the nights I started workouts with my blood glucose dropping.  Well, it wasn’t dropping, really, its just that there was a slight down trend (not arrows) and as soon as my workout started, I was dropping like a rock.  This just about ruined these workouts.  If I’m going to take this time from my family and work out, I need to make sure that every one is efficient and I get out of it what I need for performance.  Otherwise, its just wasted time.

So what’s coming this week?

Multiple 2/day workouts.

Intervals, Sub LT’s and long runs/rides

Focus on Fueling (for performance & recovery) – My wife said she’s bringing back the Kale and Beet Juice Smoothie……what did I get myself into?  I thought steak was the recovery meal?

Stay tuned to see who wins….

2 thoughts on “Training Log – Week #1

  1. Mike – I met you recently at the MHWTC Run the Hill Expo. I was working the Goliathon obstacle course exhibit. My wife Melanie is also in the club. Just wanted to say I was encouraged eading your blog, especially your commitment to your cause and family. Looking to support your runs or rides next year and wishing you well in prepping for your 1/2 Ironman. Have done them and they are certainly challenging. Wishing you well with managing the T1D through your training.

    • Joe – It was great talking to you and I am excited for the Goliathon event. Another great way to get people moving. Thanks for your support for my training and for my efforts with the JDRF. I couldn’t do it without the support of folks like yourself.
      I hope to see you out on the road!

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