Training for Life – Running, Riding and the JDRF Ride to Cure

“Everything flows, nothing stands still” – from the Greek philosopher Heraclitus.

No truer words can be spoken or experienced by those with T1D.  I have lived this over the past few weeks.  As life changes, so do sleep patterns, food consumption, exercise levels and basal rates.  Yes, basal rates.

Basal Rate = The base rate of insulin taken by a T1D who uses an insulin pump to manage their diabetes.  The less active I am , the more insulin I need, and conversely, the more active I am, the less insulin I need.  Insulin becomes more efficient as my body does.

I have also learned that those with T1D for a long time, and those who took pork or bovine insulin may be at an increased risk for insulin desensitivity.

So, why do I run?  Why do I ride?  Why do I participate in the JDRF Ride to Cure program?  Lord knows, I am a retired hammer and discus thrower, there is no reason I should be participating in endurance athletics.  My college teammates still laugh when the hear I am running marathons and wearing spandex in cycling events.  Can;t say I blame them.


I run/ride to stay healthy, to reduce my already increased cardio vascular risk factors.  I run/ride to make my body more efficient, because I took pork insulin for years, and I have seen some decreased sensitivity to insulin when I am not consistently exercising.  I run/ride, because it helps me stay focused on healthy outcomes, and hopefully, it will keep me healthier, for longer and later into my T1D life.

I participate in the JDRF RIde to Cure program because of all of the above, in addition to many others.  It feels good.  It feels good to give back, and fight for something you believe in.  It feels good to accomplish physical challenges that my early doctors said I would not.  It feels good to participate and share a weekend with others who fight this fight with me.  It feels good to see the T1D supporters, i.e. moms, dads, and siblings, fight and gain some control over their T1D infused life.

As I rode in Tucson in 2011, and then in Vermont this past summer, I experienced this and witnessed many others experience the JDRF Ride program as a life changing event.  Ride for you, your spouse, your son or daughter, grandchild, friend….Ride because you would truly be changing someone’s life and making a positive impact.

If you want to get a good feel for what its about, go to JDRF Ride to Cure on Facebook and like the page.  The Death Valley event is this weekend and it will be busy.


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